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internship resume summary

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Professional profile 22 : The received academic training and my professional work have allowed me to build a project of life characterized by ethics, responsibility, respect for difference that leads to dignified treatment, for others, the society and the institution I will work for,. I have continued interest in professional development. Professional profile 23 : i am an industrial Engineer with solid experience in the productive and service sector. My personality combines technical training with corporate experience. I count with superior intelligence and also learning skills. I am able to work under minimal supervision in pressure situations, in challenging and competitive environments. Able to identify, correct and make decisions against any kind of problems. I am responsible and adaptable; I count with quick absorption of new technologies.

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Professional profile 17 : Bilingual electrical engineer who graduated from the bocconi University (Milan, Italy) with motivation 8 years experienced in: Engineering, design and drafting using Autocad 2008 for projects like electrical installations for residential, commercial and industrial areas. Field Engineering for Electrical Works applied to urban planning. I can develop transitional house Equipment Simulation and the implementation of Data Acquisition board. I also got knowledge about the meters electricity consumption. Professional profile 18 : Licensed of International Business, courageous, enthusiastic, very dynamic and the desire to make things better and faster, the biggest will to succeed in life, i can play in the functions entrusted to me no matter what it is about, i think. Professional profile 19 : i am a public Accountant with Masters degree in tax law with a multifaceted and it is enriched by the different areas where i have worked, both in the legal and financial system. Such is the case as a public servant in the area of taxes, mortgage industry, mortgage credits, and real estate sales. I think in all my jobs I have worked with great dedication and care and each one of my old jobs gave me a great lesson. Professional profile 20 : Licensed of Human Resource management, with extensive knowledge of applicable strategies to selection processes, training and adult-oriented transmission, construction, the consolidation and the development of new knowledge, twelve years of experience in technical assistance plans exclusively for the search of quality. Professional profile 21 : Professional in social communication and journalism, communication skills and knowledge in business, with leadership, support and implement the communication process of the companies and fulfill the objectives demanded by each company. By properly using different means of internal and external communications, with responsibility, ethics and commitment.

Professional profile 12 : Business Administrator with a lot of experience about tourism and Hotel, with an emphasis on human resource departments, i have also interest in the market area in terms of customer service, market research, and consumer behavior and brand management. My internship at the University was undertaken in the commercial area, as an assistant to the head of Sales and Marketing, where i had the opportunity to work face to face with the customers, providing them with the products offered by the company, following. Professional profile 13 : Systems Engineer and a masters degree on Information Systems, i currently live in Australia. I have experience solving problems in the areas of customer service and working under pressure and with very short delivery times. Professional profile 14 writers : Work technician in business management with job experience in the area of management and marketing, with excellent interpersonal relations and ability to work in teams or individually, with a high sense of responsibility and easy interpretation of organizational policies of companies. Professional profile 15 : Master in Electrical Engineering and systems at la sapienza university (Italy interested in expanding my professional experience relating to my career, whether in the area of control, automation process, telecommunications or other related areas, my communication skills has been already proven. Professional profile 16 : Business Administrator, with experience in the commercial area and contact center customer service, critical capacity, initiation and courageous skills, leadership and really good teamwork performance, i can carry on an appropriate maintaining and developing of many internal and external customers, understanding.

internship resume summary

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Professional profile 9 : As an Industrial Engineer, my human, academic and work agreement formation has focused on the development and implementation of useful proposals in the field of productivity, with extensive experience in management and preventive maintenance of machinery and also as plant manager, strongly. With a very wide vision for the benefit of both collective and personal. Professional profile 10 : i am a surgeon with the capacity to offer solutions learned from the most common medical institutions in the general population. In both the outpatient and emergency department and hospital approached from the ethical point of view and based on an ongoing study of the medical literature and protocols of each institution with great support in my personal experience, this actually allows me a quick and. I consider myself respectful, dutiful to his duty, proactive, and scholar, i also can really speak the English because i was working in Canada for five years and also i am working in Australia now since 2005. Professional profile 11 : Systems Engineer with a superior knowledge in multiple operating systems (Linux, windows a lot of software applications such as Windows, Office 2003 and Office 2007. I posses some basic knowledge of matlab, computer maintenance, information systems, business modeling tool implementing the business Modelling Method, Unified Modeling Language (uml systems approaches and simulation.

My desire is to keep developing my career in a clinic that offers a possibility for growth. Professional profile 7 : i am an industrial engineer who speaks three languages (Spanish English Italian expert on international relations, with great interest to work in the related fields, with banking, finance, and International Trade. I count with the characteristics and skills for managing interpersonal relationships. I count with great skills in the event coordination and logistics, analytical ability and decision making. I have experience working in England for five years. Professional profile 8 : i am a computer engineer highly responsible, creative, with initiative and punctuality, i responsibly assume the challenges and goals that the organization assigns me, adaptability to change, staff management, ability to work in teams, ability to work under high pressure,. Experience working in Dubai for seven years.

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internship resume summary

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Is one of the worlds leading literary agencies, representing a wide variety of established and emerging authors of all genres since 1914. With sixteen agents in our New York and San Francisco offices and a staff dedicated to handling film, translation, audio and digital media rights, we provide the highest standard of literary representation in all aspects of our clients careers. Now we will show you some examples so you can prepare your curriculum vitae the best way possible. Remember that in this section you should remark your skills and abilities which absolutely say something good about you, the academic preparation and formation, the training received, so that way you can take in the better conditions the responsibilities assigned to you at your new. Download best professional profile free : Professional profile 1 : I consider myself a responsible, creative, with initiative and punctuality, i accept with pleasure the challenges and goals that your organization could assign me, with good handle of the interpersonal relationships, ability to work. Professional profile 2 : Ease and willingness to learn, good interpersonal relationship skills, responsible, creative, organized, ability to make tough jobs quickly, interest in professional development, extensive experience in the field of finance, leadership and decision making, knowledge about the management of the systems and. Professional profile 3 : tourism and Hotel Business Administration with work experience in the hotel sector in different areas such as reception and reservations, food and beverage, events and banquets, housekeeping, sales, marketing, experience in staff management.

I consider myself as a working and proactive person report who wants to put at your disposal all of my professional and humanistic potential. I am available immediately and full-time. Professional profile 4 : Professional with 10 years experience in the area of attention and service to the customer, sales and marketing, working with the productivity objectives outsiders and targets aimed at the achievements of the companys short and long term. Professional profile 5 : I count with the following characteristics: Outgoing, leadership, staff management, good handling in the development of friendly and respectful relationships. Listening skills, and force sales administration, sales closing with many types of customers, negotiation skills with a lot of initiative to solve problems efficiently and achieve the goals set by the company. Professional profile 6 : i am a doctor with an excellent academic and professional formation; it is the result of my international experience in many clinics at the. S., canada, mexico, argentina, brazil and England.

This Listserv is not associated with the nih, and you should use an email address other than your nih email address to subscribe. . Please state your name and reason for joining the group when you request membership. Join Club-pcr, it might help you to know as well that the nih is on the red Line of the. Metro at the, medical Center stop. Getting around via metro is generally a good choice.

Please note that the nih is also unable to provide after-hours supervision for summer interns. Start and end dates are negotiated individually by the applicant and the nih investigator who extends an internship offer. Students selected for the program usually begin work between mid-may and the end of June. The minimum time commitment is eight weeks, 40 hours a week. No, this award is intended to provide support for training in the intramural research program at the nih. It cannot be used for any other purpose. All individuals interested in coming to the nih for the summer should apply to the summer Internship Program.

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Stipends are provided by the laboratory or Institute that offers an applicant a position. If a lab does not have the funds to cover the stipend, they may invite you to join the lab as an unpaid volunteer. The nih is unable to provide housing for summer interns. We can offer favorite some information that may help you in statement finding a place to live. However, any information we provide is just that; it does not constitute advice, nor are we endorsing or approving any companies or services. The, moving guide prepared by the nih office of Intramural Training education provides housing suggestions along with information on virtually everything you will need to know about moving to bethesda, baltimore, or Frederick,. Club-pcr, yahoo group is for young scientists in the bethesda area; to join send an email. . you can use this listserv to find housing, sell items, arrange carpooling, or gather information.

internship resume summary

The national Institute on app Drug Abuse in Baltimore,. The national Institute of Environmental health Sciences in Research Triangle park,. The rocky mountain Laboratories of the national Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Hamilton,. The Phoenix Epidemiology and Clinical Research Branch of the national Institute of diabetes and Digestive and Kidney diseases in Phoenix,. The Framingham heart Study of the national heart, lung, and Blood Institute in Framingham,. Note: Only a limited number of positions are available in Detroit, Phoenix, and Framingham. Yes, students who are selected receive a monthly stipend that is based on education level and experience.

biomedical research. . They are expected to work just as hard as the postbacs, graduate students, and postdocs in their research groups, and the group will depend on their results. . Although the particular techniques involved will depend on the research group that hosts the intern, it is our hope that each intern will have an independent project (possibly small) to work on during the summer. These traineeships are available only in the intramural laboratories of the nih. Most of the laboratories are located on the main nih campus in Bethesda,. Several Institutes or their laboratories that focus on particular research areas are found at other sites around the country. These include facilities of: The national Cancer Institute in Frederick,. The national Institute on Aging in Baltimore,. The national Institute of Child health and Human development in Detroit,.

Is there a separate program for students currently enrolled in medical or dental school? Are there separate summer internship programs for high school, college, and graduate resume students? I'm looking for an administrative (or engineering or IT) position at the nih. . Should i apply to sip? I am interested in one of the summer subprograms (histep, histep.0, ccsep, c-soar, amgen scholars at nih, g-soar). . How will this affect the application process? Eligibility, application Procedure, after Applying, other Training Opportunities.

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General Info, what is the purpose of this program? What do summer interns actually do? Where are these training opportunities located? Is this a paid internship? Is summer housing provided by the nih? What are the start and end dates for the program? Can this award be used for research training outside measles of the nih?

internship resume summary
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For high school and college students, writing for an internship resume can be tough. Learn how to write your resume without professional experience.

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  1. and following these helpful tips on the creation of your resume, you will be on your way to landing the internship you are looking for. Writing your resume for internship is all about getting the recruiter to focus on your personal strengths. Watch this coaching video. the case of the internship resume, you won't have enough experience to write a summary, so you should go for a resume objective instead. Always begins with education and can include name of advisor and dissertation title or summary (see examples).

  2. When Applying for, internships in government. A great Sample Education. Internship, resume., government internship. i recommend internship seeking individuals include a summary of qualifications section (placed before the experience section). Job, summary : Under the direction of Emerson Practice Associates (EPA) management, the Administrative internship is a 3-4 month intern.

  3. Chronological resume example (sample) for a high school counselor internship. For a student getting her Master's in Psychology. Functional, resume, sample for an it, internship for a masters student. Highlights technical keywords, Information Technology projects. How to Write a resume.

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